a world-wide time of stress 

We, like everyone else,

are now living in a bubble...

   Diversion, defiance and self-resiliance    

are the motivating factors behind this page

our goal ~ to survive as a family and as a community

And the times they are a changing for family and friends 

Momentous Times ~for our community

I can only think one thought at a time.

So, when I am hounded by a negative thought, depression or anxiety, 

I strive to replace it with a positive distraction...

It required a lot of perseverance but it pays dividends.

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Through their lens photographers view different worlds


Puddle jumping is for all...


Congrats, Victoria

Under 100 new cases. 

Well done!

I recently received this document from America. So depressing!

I am ever so thankful Mary & I live in Oz. Purely a personal opinion. (My comments in blue)


A circuit breaker

We all need circuit breakers


That 'something' that enables us to escape.


At this time of social isolation, personal and interpersonal stress, employment unpredictability

and emotional discomfort we particularly need distractions.

My family, my computer, my writing, my online interactions ~ These are my circuit breakers; all helping to maintain a sense of in-touchedness with reality...


See Fyansford.com

for my latest 'distraction'

          (white balloon)


You might find the route that works.

But can you explain why?


3 September, 1995 (Fathers' Day)

The countdown begins

3 days...

They say that scientists have found that the longer people are married the more they start to look the same…

Someone, don't know who, posted this as proof.

2 days...

1 day...

Happy Anniversary, Jodie & Geoff Towne


Good God!

What have I done?




Excuse us! It's Archie's pre-walk P&P Time (pee-pee / poo-poo)

By allowing Archie 5-minutes to do his jobs, I hopefully (but not always) avoid having to use the pooper-bag on our walk).

Meanwhile, it's my daily walkaround with iPhone in hand to see what's new inside the fence.



John Flatt

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