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Firefly A mechanical, futuristic and mechanical AI robot with a large brush dancing on a m
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AI assist


the best way is to learn by our mistakes

The sole purpose of this page is to explore the fun side of generational AI

Firefly A mechanical AI robot with a large brush dancing on a multi-colored paint palette
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Today's it's Flatty's PC, tomorrow it's the world

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Step 1


Step 2

Have a go...

Step 3

First steps

Step 4


Step 5

Accuracy of AI

Step 6

AI portrays age

I'm a paragraph. Click h
























ere to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

AI Projects ~
involving photography, design, AI and ultimately publishing.

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Playing with Fyansford Pubs of Old

This series was used in the making of an eBook
on Fyansford's public houses.

La Piazza Italiano

To many Aussie travellers the Italian piazza has unique memories. I loved it at all times of the day ~ pre-dawn strolls, midday coffees , late afternoon gelati and after-dark drinks...

Highly mechanised machinary

Get Away!
Time to escape to my playroom

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40° Celsius +
More than just a little warm...

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Sorry, but one particular occupation caught my attention.

Геннадій Мамедов.jpg

& then I thought about ~

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My Artistic Abilities

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Linear Creations

Scrap Sculpture

Mixed-media Sculptures

This morning's AI Fun-time
involved one simple prompt:~ 

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The learning process can be quite challenging.
But, it is certainly interesting.

Playing with generational AI isn't as easy as some might suppose. But, it is always amusing and challenging; well worth having a go at...

For a starting sentence such as this, "a cat in fishing attire trying to catch a goldfish in a fishtank with a fishing rod", I got a range of answers, some more useful than others.

To check out some of my earlier AI stuff see here...

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This morning's AI Fun-time
involved multiple prompts:~ 

When was the last time you played with paint?

Plumbers playing with their favorite medium

Office Management ~ one perspective

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