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it brings lightness & brightness into my world

A splash of colour


Palette Playtime

I can quite easily distract myself with a mix of iPhone, Lightroom and painting software


A Challenge For


Back in 'the days' I belonged to LightSeekers

a Geelong Camera Club special interest group.

At one meeting I posed a smart-phone Vs DSLR challenge. 


On a helicopter Fyansford flyover I took photos

with both my Canon EOS 550D (8 photos) and iPhone 7+ (7 photos).

Do you think you could pick the camera that took any of the shots?

The point of the exercise was not to get so many

out of 15 right, but to make a point ~

it is the camera you have with you that is the best

(and it's not necessarily the most expensive).


Castle Kingdom

Every person’s home is their castle…


The Fyansford Caboodle of Castles gallery comprises photos taken on Archie-n-my morning walks around the neighborhood.

During this somewhat depressing time this is a 'personal' act  of distraction. I think we live in a wonderful locality and my intent is to look at the neighborhood through different eyes. The photos, taken with my iPhone, have been edited with artistic & photographic software.

Every endeavor has been made to retain some aspect of anonymity (no cars, number plates or street names). However, if residents would rather their photo be removed please email “No!” (indicating ‘number’ of photo). If any neighbor would like their house featured, please send an email with your name & address (not for posting) saying “Yes!”.




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A personal perspective

more for family-n-friends


Love the way neighbours take street-appeal seriously

Archie and I find the gardens to be a wonderful distraction.

Apologies to the owner of this lovely home.

Please let me know if you'd rather I not take such liberties and I'll remove the pics


Great to be alive...

Can't help but feel good going on our morning walk

Great way to start the day...

Includes a ring-in. Can you spot it?

getting artsy-fartsy



John Flatt

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