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My Personal Shot-of-the-month


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Seeing beauty
in my everyday world

Around the house


Our dogs



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Stateside Memories

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Back in 2012 & 2013 I joined Martin Young's U3A "Advanced Photography" course;
my goal - to gain a deeper understanding of digital photography. Not only did Martin improve my skills but he introduced me to a hobby that would change my life.

Personal Explorations...


In 2013 when Martin Young stopped his "Advanced Photography" courses, a group of his students combined to form "LightSeekers" (a Geelong Camera Club special interest group). Under the guidance of Chris, this group organised in-house assignments on a range of topics e.g. Portraiture.... and field trips to varied locations around Geelong. These Onsite PhotoShoots provided an ongoing forum for further developing our skills and knowledge.

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Onsite Photoshoots

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Quite apart from my interest in i-phone photograph,   I enjoy using it as an adjunct to my writings (primarily on my website

Wherever possible I incorporate my photos within my online publications.

For a cross-section see:  Flickr

Or, visit my sites:

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a lot of it comes together in my ...



Video productions


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      I enjoy playing with light, colour



Take me to my studio

Milly's Nursery.jpg

Outfitting Milly's Nursery

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covid distraction

Make my dayppp.jpg
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It looked like a regular run-of-the-mill toilet....
Until, ...

Proceed through slide-shows

Proceed through slide-shows

I realised that on tapping each lower ikon or arrow I was taken to various photographic galleries. 

There are three galleries of JFimages:

  • Personal photographs taken during my DSLR days

  • Personal photographs taken during my iPhone days

      For me this is a daily photographic 'distraction'.

      Self-imposed rules which guide my photoshoots

  1. photos are taken with my iPhone on the Fyansford Riverside estate.

  2. photos are taken from public property (footpaths, parklands, streets or river banks). I encroach on a front garden only with owners' permission (e.g. close-ups of Lauren's  imaginings).

  3. I restrict myself to taking a single photo of each focal item.

  4. The shoot is restricted to a circuit of one neighbourhood block (approx. 15 minutes).

  5. On returning home I allow one hour for editing and posting of photos.

  6. I minimise identification features (house numbers, number plates, etc. 

  7. If any member of my community would prefer a photo (relating to them in any way) to be withdrawn please let me know (

  • Photographs (not necesarily mine) which have been edited with humorous or distraction intent.

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My favourite
JFimages clips

Previously posted JFimages clips

2 Monochromatics.jpg


4 A Wichitan Guitarist from the Nut House.jpeg

A Wichitan Guitarist from the Nut House

5 A Halloween Community Fun-Time.JPG

2022 Halloween Community Fun-Time


A Gallery of JFimages Clips

Best viewed fullsize (PC or laptop)
with audio on

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My Favourite
Around-the-house Still-Life images

 There's so much beauty  in my world ~
with a focus on:

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