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My DSLR Days

Self Portrait3-2.jpg

With old 35mm Nikon camera


Canon EOS 550-D
Special thanks to Geelong Camera Club's Lightseekers Group

LightSeeker Photo-Shoots

These collections are from photoshoots, Ca2015,

organised by LightSeekers,

a Geelong Camera Club special interest group.


Photos were taken with my go-to camera,

a Canon EOS 550-D

with the  CRT files then edited in Lightroom

and changed to JPG format.

With old 35mm Nikon camera_FotoSketchera.jpg

Photoshoot Example:

Those were the days of:~
-   free-ranging photoshoots
love of walking 
-   explorative editing sessions
-   shared photographic show-times and
-   creative play-time in my dedicated light room...


Editing Playtime

Macro Explorations


Framing Counts

Au Contraire

Still Life in the Frame

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