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Impactful distractions


U-Choose distractions



help you 

to heal-n-grow

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' morning, sunshine!

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Personal experience has shown me the value of 'impactful distractions'.


Distractions have helped me get through trying times

We all get depressed at some time in our lives.
With COVID, world news, personal restrictions and illnesses, depressions can grow out of all proportion.
This is when positive, thought-provoking distractions may help...

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are environmental non-stressing stimuli that hold your attention while eliciting positive thoughts, feelings and reactions. Worrisome, negative thoughts are minimised and, perhaps, even blocked.
If you are caught in a negatively-charged environment cycle, one that restricts you physically, intellectually or emotionally the use of positive distractions may be useful in breaking the cycle.
It takes you out of your negative, unconscious, and habitual way of thinking, reduces the intensity of the negative emotion so it is easier to manage, and allows you to take a conscious time-out. 

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And, for today's reading...


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Just for starters...

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My Bing Distractions

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Local watering holes ~ over the years


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A Floral Affair

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My Toilet Gallery Requires a seat for best viewing




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Positive distraction can be defined as, “an environment feature that elicits positive feelings and holds attention without taxing or stressing the individual, thereby blocking worrisome thoughts.” With that definition, of course there are some exceptions.

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