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A Touch of Life -Cover.jpg
The Flatts - Cover.jpg
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e-flipbook User Guide


1. Click active image

2. Wait while file downloads (1-2 min)

3. Note usage symbols (see left display)

4. Click arrow on RHS (to move forward)

5. Click arrow on LHS (to move back)

6. Any blue links may be active 

7. Click X to close e-flipbook

e-flipbooks are best viewed on

     a PC, laptop or tablet


Flip books may take up to a minute to download the first time vieweD

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A Touch of Life -Cover.jpg
The Bright Side pof Life (Cover).jpg
Mary Paints My World (Edition 2).jpg
The Flatts - Cover.jpg
Cover Mary's Memories.jpg
Easter 2021 Cover.jpg
Bing Landscapes.jpg
Cover My name is Archie.jpg
Let's Pasint Easter Eggs.jpg
Happy Birthday Mrs Towne.jpg
Cover I am Archie.jpg
Cover A Special Valentine's Day.jpg

e-flipbooks may take a minute to download for first viewing

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