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My very first attempt at writing was a 77-page text (with hand-drawn illustrations) full of plagiarism and BIG ideas (as is evidenced by the title).
My book was all one-finger typed on an ancient typewriter that was, for some reason, in our home; with carbon-paper wedged between sheets (one copy for myself and one for "skipper" (my scouting 'writer's' badge).
Yes, I got the badge (after months of labour).

Dying Race.jpg

My next lot of  writing very much reflected the forces influencing my teenage attitudes in a Catholic, lower-middle-class family in Geelong.


Letters to the Editor (Geelong Advertiser) became a public form of expression for me with:

  • comments reflecting my initial interest in politics (very much in line with the Democratic Labour Party policy). 

  • opinion pieces on the plight of Aborigines penned following a visit to central Australia. This lead to an invitation for me to go with a group of seminarians to a mission station in Lese (gulf area of New Guinea).


Throughout my teaching career I have fortunately had ample opportunities to play with creative writing in its many forms.

Also,  I experimented with poetry as a means of self-expression ~ on love, being loved and being hurt....

During the eighties, while involved with Geelong Dive and Outdoor Centre, I published the club monthly newsletter. This allowed me to experiment, albeit tentatively, with the integration of photography, prose and self-publishing.

My creative writing only formalised in my mid-forties while as a teacher at Grovedale primary school where I explored the concept of strategy gaming as a technique for developing pupils' problem-solving skills. So confident of my creation was I that I directly approached the editor of Longman Cheshire. In 1986 they published the "Play the Game" series.

When one of my editors moved to Macmillan, she requested that I produce another series of strategy-gaming books for teachers.

In 1990 the "Game-Play Program"  was published.

Play the Game 1.jpg
Play the Game 3.jpg
Pencil Play.jpg

Toward the end of the eighties things were getting pretty hectic.

I was asked to produce a new series of problem-solving texts for teachers across the primary-school division. I knew I needed to seek help from others more qualified at given grade levels: Glennis Harrison and Heather Rankin-Eagles.

The Mind Stretcher series was published over the 1989 - 1992 period.

DocFile (2).jpg
Mind Stretchers.jpg
DocFile (3).jpg

I was becoming increasingly confident about my writing and increasingly enjoyed the challenge of creating new problem-solving activities. Wanting to try something different, and again with Heather, I wrote a teacher's book based around the ABC TV program, "Behind the News".

In 1990 "News Views" was published; again by Longman Cheshire.


DocFile (4).jpg

1990 saw me branching out yet again; this time in the area of enhancing pupils' word mastery skills.

Longman Cheshire Pty. Ltd. published "Word Stretchers" - a compilation of blackline vocabulary-development masters.

DocFile (2).jpg
DocFile (1).jpg

It was inevitable that I should work at compiling a single strategy-gaming resource book.

"Tactix" (188 pages) was published by the newly-formed Addison Wesley Longman  Australia Pty. Ltd.

1997 was a mammoth challenge seeing the publication of what I was to regard as my most ambitious book, "366 Maths Plus Ideas"

(188 pages) by the newly formed Addison Wesley Longman  Australia Pty. Ltd.

DocFile (5).jpg

2002 saw the publication of the "Blast-Off" series (Books A-D) by yet another newly-formed publisher: Pearson Education Australia.

DocFile (3).jpg
DocFile (2).jpg
DocFile (1).jpg
DocFile (4).jpg

International Publications

Little did I initially think that some of my books

would be republished in varied formats overseas...





Pitambar Pub. 1992

DocFile (1).jpg
DocFile (2).jpg
DocFile (3).jpg

Orient Longman 1999

DocFile (4).jpg
DocFile (5).jpg

Longman Cheshire
(Down Under Books) 1992

DocFile (7).jpg
DocFile (8).jpg

LDA 1991

DocFile (6).jpg
DocFile (9).jpg
DocFile (10).jpg
DocFile (11).jpg
Let's Game!
Blast Off (Books A-D)
Play the Game (Books 1-4)
Mind Stretchers 1-3
366 Maths+ Ideas

And, now ~

       for my Self-Publishing phase...

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