My goal  ~

One hour  of writing time per day...

Self Publishing

            opens doors...


I had not taken my first manuscript (self-published of course) to Longman 

I'd never have gotten any of my titles published commercially.


Self-publishing is an exciting and creative, though time-consuming, challenge...

And, I love it...

While it was a real buzz working with commercial publishers:

Cheshire, Longman, Macmillan, Pearson, Orient Longman and Pitambar Publishing, I really wanted to try something different...

It was time to more fully explore Self-Publishing...


I restricted myself to photo-copied publications:

  • Newsletters

  • Wedding booklets










I produced work-books for my many Indian

PD training programs

Then I discovered

Lulu & Other Online Publishers

For Mary

For Family

For Family Visitors

Family Calendars


And, so, now to the world of

                  digital publishing



John Flatt

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