power of distraction

Distraction has the power to create a world outside of all our worries, fears, and circumstances. 


Anxiety and Distraction

Archie's P&P Time.jpg

Archie's P&P Time

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A Splash of Colour

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A little bliss goes a long way

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What tag might be given to each of these pictures?         e.g. drinking money


Small can be



Back in the good old days...

I'd include an Invent Event Challenge as part of the year-6 homework program.

This monthly activity was a combined parent/child activity where the couple could research a topic, design a poster, write a report, build a construct or conduct an experiment; whatever took their fancy (based totally on an info-sheet given to all students). Pupils would do a presentation in front of classmates reporting on their activity.


Let’s Game! Diversion for olders


Keep your face always toward the sunshine

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and the shadows will always be behind you



John Flatt

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Life is ....jpg