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Good God! Why India?

Why not?





India PD

My India blogs

I have returned to India many times; to work with teachers,

college lecturers, street educators, village masters and students.


... Largely at the inspiration of this person;

    the most amazing lady it has been my honour to ever meet.

  • 1986    Sep.            with Eddie (World Expeditions tour)  

  • 1990    Jan.             with Jodie 

  • 1991    Sep.            with Jodie 

  • 1992    Sep.             

  • 1994    Nov. / Dec.          

  • 1995    Apr.                        

  • 1996    Sep.             with Jodie

  • 1997    Aug.             with Eddie  

  • 1998    Jun.              with Eddie, Jodie & Geoff

  • 1999    Jun.              

  • 2001    Apr. / May    

  • 2002    Apr.              with Mary  (honeymoon)

  • 2004    Apr.              with Mary 

  • 2007    Mar.             with Mary



I'd like to think I shall return yet again...

My "Kolkata" Collection


Anything but black and white


Love the colourful street-life


Painted on a tired canvas


Sealdah - Suburban allsorts

Loreto Sealdah



Let me introduce you to Sr. Cyril

Searching for inspiration?


Loreto Sealdah



time marches on...


Things change.


Our world is now different.



I still draw inspiration

from this truly Christian lady.

Sister Cyril

One truly amazing lady...

Anchor 1

Sister Cyril ~ Mentor, colleague, friend...

30+ years ~ that's how long since Sister and I first met

30 years ~ since we began working together

30 years of laughter, discussions, shared stories, happy and sad times.

 I especially remember:

  • mealtime in sister's getaway by the stairwell 

  • our chats in her office late at night

  • sister's reaction when Mary and I gave her the microwave

  • when I hung on tight behind sister on her 'vespa-style' motor bike

  • when sister took me by ferry across the Hooghly

  • when a student trimmed her cat's whiskers

  • the day sister took me to the roof of the new building after a storm

  • the sadness shared when Eddie died from a brain tumor

  • our disagreement when I took a PD program with the Loreto sisters and I went overtime

  • when she brought Mary a block of chocolate after one trying  day

  • when she brought me a warm bottle of beer after a long hot day of training sessions. Next day she brought ice blocks with the beer. Third day she had the beer kept in a the fridge

  • those early nights I slept on a table in the staff room

  • our meals at the Taj Hotel

  • Our late night tour around the Loreto convent.

  • So many great memories.....

Click first image

to see full size.

I just had to write sister's story.

(Still available on Lulu Publications and Amazon)

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Loreto Day School Sealdah.jpg

for an online PDF digital copy of sister's book

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My India


In my world of imaginings I'm back there...

for an online e-flipbook copy of sister's book

#1-3 Kolkata Street Scenes

Church of Our Lady of Dolours

Sr Cyril's Outreach Program
(The Sealdah railway platform)

Back in 2007 Sr Cyril asked me to write the story of her school and its Outreach Program. 
The result (
see above)
The 156-page book is still available on
Lulu ($US15.24)

Sr Cyril's Outreach Program
(The Rainbows Program)

Poverty, an in-your-face fact of life in India sees thousands of boys and girls between 4 and 18 on Kolkata's streets. These "Rainbows" live on the top floor of the school. In 2013 I took a bundle of these calendars for sister to distribute to her financial supporters.

Sr Cyril's Outreach Program
(The Village Schools Program)

An hour's drive / walk from the Loreto school are many small one or two-teacher village schools which Sr Cyril has taken under her wing. Students go out for a morning every week to conduct lessons with the village school children.

For Theresa...

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Click image to enlarge

Looking back
3 Decades

Cover PD Progra 1992.jpg
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The book make take a minute to download
depending on your computer speed

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