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Just Cruising

Just Cruising....


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Fun Cruise PhotoShoot


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I loved the Macallan whisky tasting

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tucky-tuck-tuck time

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New Zealand          2020

Ocean cruising may not be to everyone's liking.

But, I can come up with umpteen reasons why it's my choice.

And, here are but eleven of them...

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"Le Petit Chef"

Specialty restaurants are always a delight on the Celebrity Solstice. This cruise the Silk featured a novelty sound-n-light presentation; well worth seeing

~ but not as an ongoing feature.


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The twice-daily Celebrity Showtime  is not to be missed (unless you have seen a particular showing on a previous cruise). This Showtime clip- marathon introduces some of my favourite artists. The Solstice Orchestra is an amazingly talented group of performers.


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I love cruising as it gives me timeout

to play with my smartphone camera.

This series taken as the Solstice pulled out from Circular Quay provides opportunity to play with post-photographic editing.

Click first image and then scroll through...

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"It's drinkies-time"

One of the many advantages of ocean cruising is the flexibility of whickie-time. Well, it’s 5.00 somewhere….


Not only that but there’s no car to drive.

Mary and I both enjoy the advantages that come with the beverage package; being able to sample wines we’d never otherwise be able to afford…


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"At peace..."

It's not everyone's cup of tea.

But, it's suits me fine...

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Eating out...

Mary so wanted to have breakfast in our room...


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Enjoying the little things

The comfy chair on deck 7 by the lift gallery

has to be one of my favourite places

to while away time.,..

Many Times.jpg

Post 8

All things 'arty'

The Solstice has a fine gallery,

great seminars and fun auctions.

Post 9

We enjoy 'Murano'

The Murano specialty restaurant 

is our favourite dining venue.


Post 10

Mary's adventures

with Tolkein

We don't often go on the shore excursions.

But, Mary did go to Hobbiton

Annotation 2020-02-21 090415.jpg

Post 11

Cruising the Sounds

Doing donuts in Fiordland

The Sounds.JPG
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