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aphantasia & ai   
come together

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It's a very, very hot day.   What would you like to be doing?
Imagine it.   In your mind what do you see?


This is what I see.

Firefly It's a very, very hot day, everything is hot and dry, modern abstract painting 940

1-2% of people have some form of 'aphantasia', i.e. they don't imagine in pictures.

If asked to describe someone not currently in front of you (parent, spouse, child, friend....), or something you saw a moment ago, can you recall a mental picture as a aid?

If asked to imagine an item (snowman, balloon, wheelbarrow...), color, shape or house can you do it?

​I have a huge collection of photos on my computer, in albums or in photo-books; all crutial to maintaining my memory of life details.


I have worked at building up a collection of slide-shows, video -clips and E-books as memory aids. Since my retirement I have tried to make a memory aid almost daily.

My life is FULL of countless memory-hangers
links which give purpose and richness to my life...


To live in the present is my world…




Aphantsia: A life without mental images

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