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Date of birth: 16.5.19

Came home: 12 6, 2019

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The Beaglier was first developed in Australia in the 1990s during a cross-breeding program. Breeders were looking for a small, energetic dog who had a less active scent drive than the Beagle and so they cross-bred the Beagle with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, as they are known to be  well-mannered, even-tempered dogs. Since then, their popularity has grown and they can be found throughout North America and Europe.


this week's

Butch centrefold is...

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Why Archie?

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Our last dog was called Magic and it was obvious why. As Karminda, his vet, said , "Magic was indeed magic by name and by nature".


Our reason!  Well, isn't that what life is ~ magic...


But, Archie!






  • Was he named after Archie Andrews a bit of a rascal who made his first appearance back in 1941? Hmmm! If it was a girly puppy I might, indeed, have named her Veronica or Betty. 






  • Was he named after the Archibald Prize which is awarded annually to the best portrait, of some man or woman distinguished in art, letters, science or politics, painted by any artist resident in Australasia’?



Definitely not!



Well, why Archie?

  • Mary conducted a survey of her American grandchildren and Archie was the winner... Thanks, kids!


Archie's first day with us...

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Yes, there is sound...


A selfie ~ while trying to 'message' Pattie


Michael from Chevromist Kennels does a final check on Archie's digital code,

we pay the money and then head home.


Hey! Is Mary excited?



Is Archie apprehensive?


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Archie meets Auntie Jodie...

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Archie's first visit to the vet...

Emails to/from Archie's principal vet


Archie's Email to Dr Karminda, South Valley Vet Clinic  (Sunday, 14 July, 2019)


Dear Dr Karminda!

Hi! I’m Archie. I’m so sorry I missed you on Saturday. Dr Paula (!) was lovely but she stuck something up my backside which I didn’t like. Daddy told me I will see you next time we drive to South Valley Road.

Dr Paula said this was an important time for me to get to know new friends but to be wary of nasty big bad dogs(!). So dad and I went for a walk on Saturday afternoon. He got mum’s back-pack and put it on his chest (I think he sat it on his tummy), put a blanket in it then stuffed me inside that. I have already met three neighbours. Daddy said I can’t nose-tap any 4-legged neighbours for a while yet. Will they think I’m being stuck-up if I keep looking down on them?


Your friend, Archie


Archie's Email from Dr Karminda, South Valley Vet Clinic  (Monday, 15 July, 2019)


Dear Master Archie,

It’s so nice to meet you, even if it’s only via email at this stage!

I hope you have recovered from your visit to the clinic the other day and you are well.

I trust Mary & John are treating you like royalty but you are also remembering to practice what they are teaching you!

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Kind Regards,

Dr K.


PS: Please pass on my warmest regards to your servants!





Sorry buddy. But, I've just gotta get this done.


After-dinner nap-time

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Backpack on front with blankie

makes for one happy hitch-hiker


Archie's first walkies...

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Archie loves Auntie Sue...

And, Surprise! Surprise! Auntie Sue loves Archie

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Such is life...

  • Meeting Karminda ~ jab & check-up 







  • Archie likes small, tight, inacessible places

Archie has the habit of disappearing into "impossible" locations (could be his total inquisitiveness or something from his beagle ancestry). This time it was behind one of my bar fridges (Mary's solution - "Call the fire department") Hey! Why call them when I'm at home!


Behind both fridges

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Archie lenjoys our evening whickie-time (check these 2 videos)


Today was not a good day...


              Definitely not one Archie want to remember

Archie's modelling days fall Flatt...


              't wasn't for lack of trying...

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A quick look at this video-clip will reveal why it just didn't work. A rock-rollin'-n-run-n-stretch on the carpet, while being totally free-n-easy for Archie, also left his ex-ball hideout totally exposed. Not only that but there were no we-we provisions. Neither Mary nor I could wake up to the scene of an Archie in a urine-soaked onsie, gnawing on a disassembled not-so-safety pin while the remains of his 20+stitches lay strewn around his bloody crate ~ would mean too much extra washing for Mary (and more veterinary bills)...   

ps I cut out the gory bits, the rock-n-rolling cartwheels and the bare-bits (far too risqué). I'm not into doggie-porn.

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Hey, dad! It's walkies-time...

And, it's now part of a daily six-step routine...

 which I dare not alter....

Walkies Time! dad.jpg


Step 2. Around 7.12am I hear a subtle whine, barely louder than a muffled whisper; the signal for me to rise-n-start shining.

Step 3. I dress, go to the study, open the door to Archie's crate, give him a mandatory 3-minute 'rub-down and stretch' then take him outside where he relieves himself.

Step 4. I give him his bowl of doggie-milk and go turn on my PC.

Step 5. Archie collects me and we head for the back door. I walk with him to the patch of synthetic turf where he unloads a large land-mine (for any unwary intruders). I return to my PC.

Step 6. Archie runs excitedly (now that he has done his duties), jumps up on the blue recliner and says, "Daddy, daddy, it's walkies-time!" No amount of ignoring, key-board activity or pretending to be busy will quieten him.

Step 1. Me, dozing comfortable in bed waiting for my eyes to feel like opening.

I fix the lead to Archie's collar. He grabs the end firmly in his mouth, jumps off the lounge, leads me to the front door and promptly props as if to say, "Ok, daddy, I've done my bit. Now it's up to you."  

For the next 30-45 minutes we walk the estate. I'm not complaining. This way I get my daily photography-fix. When we return home, I retire to my PC for a bit of photo-editing. Archie! Well, he  curls up on the other recliner and nods off until it's breakie-time.

I have Archie well trained... (!)

This morning's walkies' photo-shoot

Walkin' in the rain is such fun...

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Click image. Watch at 4K with speaker on....

If you have issues with the above link

or your download speed is slow try this link

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Who is a big doggie now?

"Beagliers" by Chevromist Kennels

Beagliers suit owners who want a dog that:

  • is robust and healthy ...

  • is happy to go with the flow ... 

  • has a height between 30-40 cm....

  • that has a weight between 7-15 kgs ....

  • that requires very little grooming…. 

  • needs exercise as very much part of the daily routine.....


Mary and I can't disagree with any of that. In fact:

  • Archie is very robust being possessed of a mythical zest for life and a totally unparalleled excitement for  adventures and possibilities ~ ever alert to the opportunities presented by stray shoes, unguarded pullovers, a gate that is not 150% secure, a bread crumb that might fall from the bird-feeder, an insect scrambling to safety...

  • Achie passed 45cm in height at 8 months ~ giving him the carte-blanche access to anything and everything left on tables, benches, shoe shelves.... even height is no object where climbing is at all possible

  • Archie weighed 15kg at 8 months ~ making it almost impossible to get him to do anything he is not inclined to do. He has mastered the four-legged prop where his body and legs incline at a 33.3 degree angle to the lead that is tethered to his neck....

  • Archie is a climber ~ all tables, garden walls, brick fences are there to be mounted. I even saw him trying to climb a tree once....

  • Archie is an explorer ~ he knows every nook and cranny in the back yard ~ where there were none, he has created them.... If it is possible (which it was at two months) he'll climb in behind the fridge; despite being unable to back out around corners... He has many times been locked in the garage, back hall, shed...

  • Archie accepts pats (as a form of grooming), leaves his hair anywhere and everywhere. However, he responds to having his his toe-nails clipped as a battle scene from Game of Thrones

  • Archie is very sensory ~ If his nose detects a new scent on our morning walkies (every 5 m) then it is a life or death tug-o-war to get him to move on ~ his hearing is such that he knows when the door bell is going to be rung with him beating us to the front door every time ~ his eyesight is such that when he looks at you with a fixed stare he could well be, in fact, watching a fly crawl up the wall behind you...

  • Archie has a fetish for the innersoles of shoes ~ being able to furtively conceal them on his body with the first sign of them being taken is a scattering of pieces spread across the carpet.

  • Archie absolutely loves us ~ smothering us with slobbering kisses if ever I kneel to do up a shoe-lace, bend to pick up something of the floor or we leave the bedroom door open while one of us is having a nap. Of course, he is ever on the lookout for visiting tradies who might need to go on hands-n-knees....

  • Archie is ever on the lookout for an opportunity to sit on one's lap ~ it's just that he now extends over both knees and weighs half a ton...

  • Yes, Archie loves his morning walkies. If I try to type one word more than he thinks necessary he draws blood pawing at my arms or legs all the while saying "Daddy, it's walkies time...

  • As a creature of habit-n-routine Archie is ever aware if anything is not as it should be. If I leave a tin on the ground, a cap on the third rung of the ladder, a banana peel drooping over the table.... Archie freezes, watches thinkingly for an inordinate amount of time and then erupts with growling or barking (If I put the cap on my head he acts like 'So! I knew it was your hat all along"...

  • Archie is a frustrated vegetarian ever on the lookout for plums, apples or apricots that fall over the fence from next door. While Mary and I enjoy our nightly whickie-time, Archie goes rummaging neck-deep in foliage for ripe strawberries. 

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During the covid lockdown dad-n-I tried something a little different....

Burb (from suburb)





To burb

To move at a speed

faster than a walk,

never having both

or all the feet on the ground

at the same time,

around every street

in one’s suburb...

Let's burb....jpg

It's burbing-time...

Anchor 24

Over the next however-long dad and I will be burbing.

Come and join us....


Why not give it a go!

Looking back a couple of years...

& What's on

Thursday, 6 August

Littlewood Drive (south end)

Started with the best intentions around 6.30am.

Got to Casey Boulevard then dad realised he wasn't wearing his mask. So that added another 200m (and at his age every step counts).

Thursday, 6 August



Littlewood Drive (north end)


I noticed some lovely touches that brought a smile to dad's face this morning...

Link to full-colour photos

Link to today's clip

Saturday, 8 August

Jennings Court

LINK to full-colour photos

LOOKING back...

&     What's on

Harold Jennings was born in Fyansford.

He was an ANZAC who later became a chemist at the cementies.

&     What's on

Sunday, 9 August

Maskell Court

LOOKING back...

The Maskell family

ran a dairy farm hereabouts.

LINK to full-colour photos

".... and this little plot of land is now my home"

Monday, 10 August

Schroeder Court

Schroder was chief chemist of the cementies (1930 – 1944) and largely believed to be behind the success of the Adelaide Brighton group.

LINK to full-colour photos

&     What's on

LOOKING back...

".... where Maskell's cows once chewed the cud"

Tuesday, 11 August

Dolder Street

Fred Dolder was a foreman at Fyansford cement works.

He established the cementies museum in 1976

LINK to full-colour photos

&     What's on

We can thank Fred Dolder for the Geelong Cement Retirees Museum

LOOKING back...

Wednesday, 12 August

McAuliffe Drive

Several family members

worked at the cementies

LOOKING back...

LINK to full-colour photos

Gallery of McAuliffe Drive Clips

Thursday, 13 August

Casey Boulevard

LOOKING back...

Gallery of McAuliffe Drive Clips

LINK to full-colour photos

Casey! Casey?

Who was Casey?

Casey is a given name, derived either from the Irish Gaelic cathasaigh, meaning "vigilant" or "watchful", or from a combination of the initials K.C. It is also a nickname; in the case of girls, it can be used as a derivative nickname for the name Cassandra

Can anyone throw any light on Casey - as in Casey Boulevard?

Friday, 14 August

Monier Way #1


That's our bridge...

Gallery of Monier Way Clips

LINK to full-colour photos

LOOKING back...

Also Incl. South of Casey

Gallery of Monier Way Images

For more about the Fyansford Monier Bridge see: Crossing the Moorabool

Saturday, 15 August

Monier Way #2

Gallery of Monier Way Clips

Gallery of Monier Way Images

&     What's on

LINK to full-colour photos

LOOKING back...

Also Incl. South of Casey


Monday, 17 August

Hardiman Circuit


Any clues as to why 'Hardiman'?

LINK to full-colour photos

LOOKING back...

Tuesday, 18 August

Gugger Place

And, to my mind,

the most appropriately named...

LINK to full-colour photos

LOOKING back...

And, that was our final Archie's burbin'

Stay safe, folks!

A little self-indulgence goes a long way nowadays...

The choice of video-clip sound tracks....

During these somewhat depressing and trying times I have chosen to select

a background music which I think is light, fluffy and bouncy.

It's the music I play whenever I feel depressed or a little d-o-w-n....

If you can't stand the Beatles, Chuck Berry, Rolling Stones, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Beach Boys .... then I suggest you put your machine on MUTE.

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Good morning, sunshiners!

Anchor 18

The Rise-Rise-n-Fall of George~George!


George-George is on the move...

Archie and I, while on our morning walks, keep an eye out and an ear tuned, for George-George.


The first morning it was a rustle in the grass that attracted Archie's attention. Sure enough, as we looked closely among the grass stalks we saw two little eyes glinting back at us.

We didn't see George-George for two days. We were, then,  very surprised to see him atop of a real estate sign  looking down at us.

Hmmm! Scary.


We figured George-George hadn't gone far. Sure enough, the heavy fog did little to dampen Archie's acute sense of smell.

Having had three successive nights of very chilly riverside fog, I'd have thought George-George would have taken up residence in some warm household. But, no, he can still be glimpsed by the alert walker in Archie's Patch (alias the Riverside estate).