Now that's a fine drop...


I first met Wray H. Salter back in 1966 while waiting under the T&G to be picked up by a coach for a camping tour to central Australia. Little did I know Wray was to become the major influence on the course my life would take. It was Wray who introduced me to fine dining (initially at the Masonic Lodge in Melbourne), live theatre, whisky and 'special education'. Wray  was best man at my wedding to Eddie and uncle to my children. I thank Wray for my TSpTC (Melbourne) and BSpEd (Monash) and it was he who kindled my love of photography.


It was back in 2016 while participating in Martin Young's U3A Photography course, that I produced my "Melting Ice" series featuring a glass of fine whisky.



In January, 2018, Mary and I invited a group of friends to an afternoon's entertainment. Each of the gents was a self-proclaimed whisky-buff.


The occasion was Flatty's first Ultimate Whisky Tasting Challenge.

Over the course of the afternoon participants were presented with a blind-tasting of a dram or two of four from six great whiskies: 

  • Bowmore (12-year old, single malt)

  • Jameson (Irish whiskey)

  • Gentleman Jack (Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey)

  • The Macallan Amber (single malt)

  • Glenfiddich (15-year old, single malt) 

  • Johnnie Walker Blenders Batch (select scotch)


While participants nominated their selections from the six possibles, I rolled the dice for my selections. After tallying results, it was surprising that not one participant scored higher than my 'random' score.


May not be the best whisky,

but I know what I like...






To toast the end of 2020

My Wickliw-cake.jpg

my faux 70th birthday cake