But, life is more than the mere sampling of experiences.

There are                experiences and                 experiences.


Dining-out is one experience that both Mary and I have greatly missed during the covid lockdown.

we love dining out

Unfortunately, with the covid restrictions everyone has been in lockdown.

We are so looking forward to getting out in the not too-distant future.

I recently posted on the Fyansford Noticeboard an invitation for fine-dining recommendations...

We were so looking forward to the easing of conditions so we could enjoy going out for Sunday lunches again. But, with the demise of Two Faces, Pettavel, Gladioli, Le Parisien and now Oakdene restaurants, fine dining in Geelong seems a thing of the past. I am looking for recommendations from neighbours of fine eateries we can plan to visit, hopefully, in the not-too-distant future. I'll start the ball rolling by nominating Bistrot Plume (56 Mt Pleasant Road). Has anyone been to the Customs House or Fisherman's Pier recently?


Many community members responded positively to my plea.

This page will present our experiences as we return to post-covid dining.


So great to be free agents again. Thanks to all those offering suggestions re possible dine-outs. We'll work through the list and post our impressions... Cheers!

Edina Waterfront Cafe.jpg

and then, Jo introduced us to the Batesford



John Flatt

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