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But First!

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There are different ways of classifying the types of AI, but one common system is based on the level of intelligence and capability of the AI systems. According to this system, there are four types of AI:


While AI is a term that refers to any system that can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, Generative AI is a category of AI that can create new content based on the data it has learned fromFor example, generative AI can produce realistic images, text, audio, and video that do not exist in reality.


Facial recognition is a computer vision technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to identify or verify a person from an image or video. It works by detecting facial features and matching them with a database of facesThere are different types of AI and ML algorithms used for facial recognition, such as deep neural networks (DNNs), which have improved the accuracy and performance of the technology.


AI is the backbone of smart assistants, which can be accessed through most phones on the market these days and are also being integrated into cars and smart home devices. As of 2022, more than 120 million U.S. adults use a smart assistant at least once a month.

Source: Microsoft Bing

For more information at a glance:

Types of AI: Getting to Know Artificial Intelligence (2023)

4 main types of artificial intelligence: Explained (2023)


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Generative ai
with a little help from JF

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Google  Contributions

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My first interactions with AI at a personal level

I must have an image database comprising many thousands (perhaps millions of photographs) stored in the cloud, on hard drives and my PC. Microsoft and Google have access to these images and they can present almost on demand any specific groups of images; people, occasions and even categories of images (holidays, foods, locations, activities, routines...). The following are collection samples that have appeared spontaneously on my smart devices. Some collations are accompanied by music (which sometimes leaves a little to be desired).


Best viewed, as always,
at full size and with audio on.

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What nursery rhyme
am I thinking of?

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Which is which?

A series of challenges in which you seek to identify which images are reaL and which are imposters.

Fake or Fortune? is a popular BBC documentary television series starring Philip Mould and Fiona Bruce who examine the provenance and attribution of notable artworks with the aim of establishing which are genuine and which are imposters.

In “Which is which?”, a series of image-comparison challenges on my website  < /today-s-ai-compilation>, I present a selection of AI generated images mixed with genuine photographs with the challenge being to identify which are the real photos and which are the pretenders.

Series one comprising five challenges dating from a month or so ago, and which I would have thought relatively easy with fewer options to compare, i.e. 1 or two imposters and one original Microsoft Bing desktop photo (usually a one-in-three chance of making the right choice)..

Series two comprising nine challenges dating from a fortnight ago, presents one Microsoft Bing desktop wallpaper photo with up to four AI generated images. This proved more difficult with a one-in-five chance of selecting the original photographic image.

Series three beginning today involves three or four of my own genuine photographs and one AI generated image. Now this, I would think, would be easier. But, is it?

Series One
Which is the Ai image?
Only one is the Bing image

Series Two
Final in the "Which" series...
All but one of the last group are original JFimages. Which is the Ai?

Would the real Bing please stand up!

Series Three
Which is the real photo taken with my iPhone camera?
Four images are AI generated

Aday in history

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Which is Which?
l4 is my genuine French toast photo
m2 is my genuine meatpie-n-sauce pic
n1 is my genuine muffin pic
O2 is my g
enuine Aussie pav
And, finally #3 is the ring-in...

Which are the two imposters?
L2 is the real thing.
The others are AI imposters

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in the style of ....

recently asked AI apps for an image of themselves, asking for:~
an elaborate AI machine with all the bells and whistles.

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Mirror, Mirror
on the wall...

Hmmm! I just wanted to see how AI saw people of different ages...

Are there stereotypes?

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A different perspective

To check out some of my other AI stuff see here...

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