Time is fast running out...

Ah, Memories...

Memories are real only in our imagination

Memories become distorted, faded and, finally, disappear

Memories should be recorded for sharing

My opinion!   Many may think otherwise.


I think it's time...

  • Time to go private...

  • Time to gather those family special memories...

  • Time to save those memories for the next generation...

  • Time to move from the cheapening publicity of Facebook...


John & Mary (Completed centuries ago)

Our Fun Times

(Also, see Personal Publications)



The Two Flatt Girls



The Towne Boys





Smoke Signals

Family Web-Pages

Ps  Why this blog and not something else?



this is not a straight-forward 'now-you-see-it-now you-don't' site.


Facebook is great but...

try hunting something down from a week ago, a month ago or a year ago... 

or something linked to a certain person or group of people

or something you don't want the world to see

or something you want posted the way you want it posted....

I have made this blog as a growing catalogue...

      a library of photos, human stories, family-stuff...

Just go to the Index, find family member you want to check-out

and you'll see any related blogs and their reference numbers

and then go straight to it in the blog catalogue...



John Flatt

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