All photos (10 June - 2 July) are courtesy of a very good friend, fellow 'LightSeeker' and internationally-recognised photographer, Michelle S.

10 June ~ Up. Up-n-Away....

29 May
30 May
The 'Sparkies' have arrived.
Great bunch of guys...

Build Timeline


3 June

Day 2

with Shojun Concrete 


Construction Timeline: 2016

26 May
Chris, is Boutique's site supervisor for this
first stage of the build.
Great start, Chris!
Boutique is on the ball!
Fortunately, I was there
early to get the photos
as the action was all over
by 12.30pm.
27 May
We are very pleased
with how quickly our lot
dries out.
This is looking toward McAuliffe Drive from Lot 78.
8 June
Day 3 of the slab build

Mary and I are really looking forward to seeing the progress on our return in three weeks......


Chris, you run a tight ship.

Well done!

12 June
Framing pre-fab delivered
14 June
Frame assembled

15 June
Roof frame erected
Windows installed

17 June
Internal framing erected

21 June
Guttering installed

22 June
Safety rail installed

24 June
Roofing goes on...
28 June
Wall wrap goes on. 
Heating, plumbing and electrical roughs installed

1 July
Bricks delivered

Day 1
Day 6
Day 8
Day 16
1 June
The team from Barossa Plumbing & Gas Fitting have arrived.
We continue to be impressed...
4 July
The 'Brickies' Mick & Jake...
Day 21
Day 38
11 July
Chippy gets started...
13 July
15 July
This is gonna be well-used

Plasterers arrive...
22 July

13 July
21 July
Insulation is in...

27 July
Just love the bricks-n-mortar
28 July
Goin' full bore...
26 July
The plan was to be at "Lock-up" by the end of the month...

But, I think it's "The Impossible Dream" (Courtesy of Frankie Boy)

8 August
A  top team of plasterers

25 & 26 July ~ An 'hiatus'....

Jacob installs the cedar roof
20 August
10 August
Cabinet maker & renderers  are on the job ~
under Ben's ever-watchful eyes...

30 August
Wow! Talk about progress...
24 August
Painters really make
the world of difference...
14 September
One-month countdown

22 September
Driveway goes in...

The build

7 October
The walk-through with Ben...
24 October
Move in...
We have well-n-truly moved in....
December, 2017
Time for our 1-year inspection....
Site Manager, Scott McGuinness, spent close on an hour going through our house with a fine-tooth comb.
When he left we were totally satisfied that all of our concerns (largely cosmetic) would be addressed in the not-too-distant future.
Again, well done, Boutique.


Construction Timeline: 2017


February  6 ~ Fence goes up...

February  9 ~ Wood burner goes in...


Personal Privacy


a fundamental right

Burglars don't respect your right

to personal privacy or property ownershiphip

and, unfortunately, I speak from experience...

Well done, Marz!


With the help of Mike from Jim's Diggers

the frontage (including nature strip)

was knocked into shape...

Laying of turf was a wet and slow job; me with my two gammy hip-replacements and Mary with her replacement knee

Of course, plans were required for every step of the way...

And, the results....

Fitting a lot into 12m x 32m (including our 29 square house)


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John Flatt

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