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Each photoshoot poppy and grandson, Roan, go on a field-trip where the goal is to produce a maximum of 10 photographs that best demonstrate the concept being examined using their respective i-phones.

Portfolios may take the form of a gallery, slideshow or video-clip.

Photographic concepts explore the importance of:

  1. Keeping the horizon horizontal

  2. Framing the picture

  3. The rule of thirds

  4. Leading lines

  5. Empty spaces

  6. Varying the shooting angle / viewpoint

  7. Black and white

  8. Splicing images

  9. Symmetry

  10. Depth of field

  11. Thinking 'outside the square'

photoshoot #1 (port douglas)

Photoshoot Focus ~

  • Keep horizon horizontal

  • Edit image using Snapseed 

RoTo Photoshoot 1.JPG

photoshoot #2 (port douglas)

Photoshoot Focus ~

  • Framing picture 

  • Edit image using Snapseed

photoshoot #3 (port douglas)

Photoshoot Focus ~

  • Rule of thirds

  • Edit image using Snapseed

Photoshoot 3.JPG

photoshoot #4 (port douglas)

Photoshoot Focus ~

  • Leading lines

  • Edit image using Snapseed


photoshoot #5 (geelong botanical garden)

Photoshoot Focus ~

  • RoTo's choice

  • Edit image using Snapseed

PhoytoShoot Bot Gard.JPG

photoshoot #6 (Fyansford)

Photoshoot Focus ~

  • Splice multiple photographs into a single image using Image composite editor

  • Edit resultant spliced image using Lightroom 

photoshoot #7 (portraiture)

Photoshoot Focus ~

  • More than just a happy snap

  • Edit image using Lightroom CC

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