102. KISS!

Do you have a dog that gulps his food at a frightening pace? Well, Archie did...

Is that a problem? PetSafe (after a plea to Dr Google) says, "Yes!".

Mary and I tried retraining: me holding Magic and quietly but forcefully commanding, "Stay!" while Mary placed his bowl on the floor. Archie just grew increasingly frantic. MANIC, in fact!

After a couple of days we gave up. Google then suggested a simple home remedy.

We tried it this morning ~ sprinkling his food across all depressions on a 'cup-cake' tray.

Wow! It worked.

It was a few minutes before Archie had finished his breakfast. I wouldn't say he was contented or happy. But, Mary and I were certainly 'happy-chappies". We'll see how we all go with tea tonight...

Hey! We are coming up to a week this afternoon.

Dr Mark just laughed uncontrollable when Mary and insisted that we had a savant dog.

KISS ~ Keep it simple stupid

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