100. Archies' first emails

Archie's Email to Dr Karminda, South Valley Vet Clinic (Sunday, 14 July, 2019)

Dear Dr Karminda!

Hi! I’m Archie. I’m so sorry I missed you on Saturday. Dr Paula (!) was lovely but she stuck something up my backside which I didn’t like. Daddy told me I will see you next time we drive to South Valley Road.

Dr Paula said this was an important time for me to get to know new friends but to be wary of nasty big bad dogs(!). So dad and I went for a walk on Saturday afternoon. He got mum’s back-pack and put it on his chest (I think he sat it on his tummy), put a blanket in it then stuffed me inside that. I have already met three neighbours. Daddy said I can’t nose-tap any 4-legged neighbours for a while yet. Will they think I’m being stuck-up if I keep looking down on them?


Your friend, Archie

Archie's Email from Dr Karminda, South Valley Vet Clinic (Monday, 15 July, 2019)

Dear Master Archie,

It’s so nice to meet you, even if it’s only via email at this stage!

I hope you have recovered from your visit to the clinic the other day and you are well.

I trust Mary & John are treating you like royalty but you are also remembering to practice what they are teaching you!

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Kind Regards,

Dr K.

PS: Please pass on my warmest regards to your servants!

For all the latest see: https://www.seniordownsizer.com/archie

Dr Paula

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