Lot 100 

McAuliffe Drive, Fyansford

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Lot 100

No. 12 McAuliffe Drive


Lot 100


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Lot 100

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Just thinking...



March 24

Finally, we receive word that our plans have been accepted by the developers.

Now, it's just a matter of getting our building permit and then....

Undoubtedly, there'll be another hurdle to jump, hoop to leap through or river to cross...

Whatever! There's certainly a lot of action on the estate.


And, just over our back fence....

April 11

Bloody hell! Excuse the language.... But, bloody hell!!!!

I had wondered why we'd hit such a b.... log-jam!

I have been informed that Boutique Homes were being held up because the 'envelope' had not been changed by the Developer; from when we had the crossover re-sited (god knows how many months ago).

As soon as I heard about the problem, I contacted Brett Thompson, estate manager for Gen Fyansford.  

Brett is a 'man of action'. He assured me he'd look after it and he did... Well done, Brett!

Here I was blaming Boutique.

Sorry guys, definitely not your fault. Big apology to Jessica for my bruskness...


Never happy unless digging something up...

April 22

Looks like the underground connections to next

release are in hand...


Oh, dear! Our beloved Council needs me to visit their office (in person) to organise the re-siting of the crossover - off course with appropriate fee payment. They won't allow Boutique (in Melbourne) to do it on line. So, I have to go in on Tuesday (Monday being ANZAC day) otherwise yet another bureaucratic hold-up....

April 26



a day to forget...

Never happy unless digging something up...

May 20

Received word from Jasmine that everything is lined-up and all systems, "Go!"

Site Start Date has been set for the 27th. We won't believe it till we see it...

We've been let down too many times! We'll keep y'all posted....

May 26

Great! Boutique is making its presence felt - security fence, toilet, cross-over protector...

Chris, our Boutique on-site supervisor assured me that things would happen on the 27th May.

May 27

I arrived on site around 9.00am and things were happening. Looks good! I returned around 12.30pm and the scrape had been completed. No mucking around. Great start, Chris!

For ongoing updates go to "The Build"

Looks like we'll be the third to take up residence in the estate.

Congrats to Annette and Zoe...

Assorted happy snaps...


And, further along McAuliffe Drive


12 May, 2016
26 May ~ Site Start Date.   Well done, Chris!
27 May ~ Site Scrape.   Chris! You are on a roll...

Progress Checks

Lot 100 ~ All ready, but nowhere to go...


John Flatt

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