Google Photos is always full of surprises; with new albums, movies, animations and collages being created from photos and videos that I have posted to Google Drive.

These creations are free and can easily be discarded.

Google Assistant.jpg


Google Photos creates videos (slideshows) from groups of images I post in the cloud on my Google Drive account.

I never know what's going to turn up or when. More importantly, if I don't like a creation I just put it in the bin. 

Here are just a few of the Slideshow videos Google has made for me. Sure they are not edited as one might like and, perhaps, the soundtrack could be improved.

(Be prepared to turn sound down. Also, I find the speed at which the slides change sometimes off-putting).

But, hey! It’s just a give-away, so what the heck…

Hint: Click the first image to make full-screen.

Port Douglas with Jo.JPG
The Two of Us.JPG
San Fran.JPG
A Dip Stick.JPG
Valentines Day.JPG
Kevin's visit.JPG
Paris 7O.jpg
Christmas Morning 2013.JPG
Many Happies.JPG

But, I guess,

  • while I enjoy the creative side of writing

  • the technical aspect of forming, editing and publishing

  • it is the expressive domain that is at times most rewarding at a personal level...