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27 May, 2016

12 May, 2016

2 June, 2016

26 May, 2016


be specific


under construction...

How long will it take?

February 11

The title has been handed over.


February 12

As the fences were down, I decided to take Mary for our first "on the block" photo.

Great, mate! The borers had already been ~ soil tests.


February 16

Ouch! A stressful hiccup

Jessica calls ~ Results of the ground survey have resulted in the realisation that our planned Oslo 29 (with larger outdoor living area) takes up 61.3% of the lot. According to ResCode standards no building can cover more than 60% of the block. Hmmm! What to do? We could take the issue to council. But, this will take up to four weeks; with a "No" answer.


February 25

Action Stations! No, false start...

Go to our block to paint our 'sign' (Name & lot number).

Notice that the security fence is around Lot 106 (opposite us on McAuliffe Drive).

It's the first lot to show signs of action. Congratulations!

Also, there are now two signs by True Design Homes ~ on lots 8 and 14, Casey Boulevard. 

But, alas, it was all huff-n-puff. A real no-show on lot 100...



Comes.... and looks like going...

Jessica, ever tactful, says that they are all ready to hit the button; just awaiting word from the developer...

But, alas, ...


March 18

Jessica advises... They are awaiting "The Word" from the developer that our application has been approved and that we can proceed...

Apparently they have a backlog of applications. Surprise! Surprise!


March 24


Jessica sends the email we have been waiting for. Thanks, Jessica!

The developers have accepted our plans. Now, it's just a matter of getting the building permit.

And then.

And, then..

And, then...

And, then along came...


March 29

Ye gods and little fishes.... It's almost bloody April....

Time is beginning to drag and frustration is settling in...

Mary and I spend a lot of time taking Magic for walks (daily), going to the gym (thrice weekly), going for swims, to the movies and restaurants. I spend too much time on the computer or watching TV; anything to forestall depression... 


  • 2014, June    Decide to move to a smaller house

  •           Aug.   Paid deposit on Gen Fyansford lot

  • 2015, June    Sold our house, moved into a rental property and began with Boutique Homes

  • 2016, Feb.    Property title transferred

  •           Aug.   Anticipated 'move-in' date   Phew!!!!   (2 years after deposit paid on land)



April 5

Boutique have begun work on levelling the block on which their display home will be located (Lot 26)

We still haven't heard a word as to how our application for a building permit is proceeding (Lodged 24 March)


April 7

Oh, no!

Received an email - further clarification from Developer is required in relation to our cross-over.

Yet another hoop to squeeze through... Getting very frustrating. We need some positive feedback.

I am rapidly exhausting all distraction avenues...

Indeed, I think we are in a log-jam...

Hmmm! I owe someone an apology.


But, there again...

I think our increasing state of depression is, perhaps, understandable...

Though it was our decision to go down this path in the first place at my age (currently 72), twelve months of extra waiting-time is a big chunk or percentage of my expected remaining active life...

The problerm as I see it:

Boutique were going to apply for our building permit last week (Monday) and we were expecting to hear that everything was now on track.

Wednesday night we get an email from Boutique saying they were in discussions with the Developer re a problem with our crossover.

I was absolutely fuming...

I sent of an email first thing next morning reminding Boutique that I had  long ago forwarded approval of the crossover which, in fact, had already been installed.

On Thursday night just as Magic and I had arrived on our block I receive a telephone call explaining the problem; one Boutique had never come across before.

It was normal practice for the Council 'envelope' to be automatically flipped on approval of the resited crossover. But, Council records did not show this had been done.

I immediately go around to the office of the Developer on the estate to speak with Brett. But, the office was closed (as all land had been sold).

I contact Brett and inform  him of the problem. He said "Leave it with me, John". Brett, a man of action, got back within 15 minutes.

The Developer had also never experienced this problem (it could only happen to Mary and I - again the problem was beyond our control. Grrr....).

But, I was assured they'd sort it out and that I would hear tomorrow, Friday. Yep! Brett duly forwarded a paper trail of emails (which I then forwarded to Boutique).

Result: This did not solve the problem  as the 'envelope' still had not been 'flipped'. Boutique couldn't proceed with applying for the Building permit or ordering materials.



April 7

Great, mate!

Seems like we are 'back on track'...

Under the leadership of Boutique's Senior Prestart Consultant and our very own Prestart Consultant,

a meeting was called at Boutique HQ in Docklands.

With the invaluable help of Boutique's Drafting Manager we resurrected 'Project Oslo 29'.

Thank God! And, thanks, Rolinka, Jessica and, above all, Paul...


Mary and I can't wait for things to now start happening...



April 26 & 27

April 26 & 27

Wow! Don't want to revisit those days...

Here's hoping Rolinka (Boutique, senior Prestart consultant) can get the bus back on track...

Mary and I really are looking forward to her report - Friday afternoon (29 April).

This house-building process is driving us to drink. Mary and I always seem to walk in shadows.... having to feel our way...

May 13

Received the revised plans (with the LHS crossover). Looking good...

May 17

Building Permit approved...

Let's be specific


The Fyansford Gift

A hurdle handicap for stayers...

Waiting for

property survey, PIC, AHD and council approvals

Oct., 2015 - Jan, 2016

4 months

Waiting for

developer's approval

of our proposal

Jan., 2016 - Feb., 2016

2 months

Early days with Boutique

May, 2015 - Jul, 2015

3 months


selections with


Aug., 2015 - Sep., 2015

2 months

Waiting for

Builder's permit

Mar., 2016 

1 month




Apr, 2016 

Waiting for title

Aug., 2014 - Feb., 2016

Gen Fyansford

19 months

Sorry, guys...
False start!


fed up with b... hurdles

Take me to The Build

On your marks, Go!

18 April, 2016

Race restarted..


Crossover Permit

May, 2016



Building Permit

18 May, 2016



2 June, 2016




Our misplaced security fence has been correctly re-sited.

We were blown away by the fact that

on the day after the transfer of title

the borers had already been.


Pier foundations at Lot 103 go down 4-6m

Plenty of action around us...

This Burbank house is just behind our lot

Wanted Boutique to install retaining walls down both sides of the lot, but...
(30m - height from .15m - .6m)

Construction Timeline

27 May, 2016

Official site start date

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