Just me playing -

with my books on line...

These books are automatic...

  1. Open file by clicking image

  2. Hit the "Play" button

  3. Maximise resolution if applicable 720P

  4. Hit the "Full Screen" icon

Soundtrack provided.Turn up sound as required.


Little Tessa Bakes a Cake.jpg
The Bucket Boys2.jpg
Go to Poppy's Playroomb.jpg

These books

are totally viewer controlled...

  1. Open file by clicking image

  2. Adjust to maximum viewing size

  3. Scroll through pages at your leisure

No soundtrack.

Provide your own commentary as appropriate...

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Rainbows of Kolkata.jpg
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'Twas Destiny.jpg
AToL Cover.jpg
Little Tessa Bakes a Cake.jpg
Mary continues to paint my world_1.jpg
Let's Paint Easter Eggs.jpg
Many Colours Make a Sealdah Rainbow.jpg


John Flatt

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Life is ....jpg